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Created on: 29 Sep 2022 13:56
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Type: Feature Request
Custom ChartSeriesMarkerType

Is it possible to use a different marker type other than the one provided by ChartSeriesMarkerType enum?


We would like to use a custom icon for some Scatter data but this doesn't seem to be supported out of the box. Please let us know if this is possible in the current framework, if not  - can it be added as a feature?




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Nadezhda Tacheva
Posted on: 06 Oct 2022 09:18

Hi Sean,

By design, the supported series marker types are the ones listed in the ChartSeriesMarkersType enum - Circle, Cross, Square and Triangle.

Based on the screenshot, it looks like you want to set numbers as chart markers. I suppose these numbers are actually the marker values. If that is the case, you may enable the Chart Series Labels which will be rendered on top of the Scatter Chart markers to indicate their value. For example: That said, I am marking the item as completed since the current Chart functionality supports adding value indicators (labels) to the markers.

Apart from that, a possible option for customizing the markers themselves is to allow control over their rendering through a visual template. That said, I opened a dedicated feature request on your behalf:

Custom rendering for the Chart Series Markers - visual template

I added your vote there to increase its popularity as the gathered community votes is an important metric that we follow in order to prioritize the component enhancements.

Nadezhda Tacheva
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