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Release 2.18.0

Based on my testing and the online demos, each selection of an item in the dropdown for the Blazor MultiSelect closes the dropdown.


Is there a way to keep the dropdown open for the user to make multiple selections? The user could then click outside of the dropdown to close the dropdown.


The behavior I am describing is similar to the Kendo UI for jQuery MultiSelect "autoClose" configuration property.

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I have a custom ICollection which I wanted to use with the MultiSelect control, however, the Value property is of type List<T>. This is very restrictive; the property should implement an interface for flexibility.

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Recently we were building a feature that allows the optional selection of multiple items, and decided to use the Telerik Multiselect component. A subcomponent of the feature reads from a file, and pre-selects items in the multiselect based on data in the file similarly to this sample:

foreach(string item in file)

At the moment, however, it seems that the Telerik Multiselect does not refresh its state when selected items are added and removed programatically, only when they are added or removed via user interaction. Would it be possible to have the Telerik Multiselect support the usage of ObservableCollection?

Thanks in advance!



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At the moment, the OnChange even fires when:

  • the user selects an item from the dropdown
  • the user blurs the input
  • the user presses enter in the input

The problem with the multiselect is that we have two extra actions:

  • remove an already selected item from its own [x] button - OnChange does not fire even though the value changes
  • clear all items with the ClearAll button - OnChange does not fire even though the value changes
  • delete items with the backspace key


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When @bind-Value is used, the tags are ordered in the way the user chose them, which is the expected behavior.

When you don't use two-way binding, but alter the Value in the ValueChanged event (to implement some logic), the tags get reordered according to the their occurrence in the data source.

I would expect that they remain the user order in all cases.