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Sometimes we need custom filter logic. 

The advised approach currently is to use the OnRead event and have to manage the fetching of data manually

If we could set a column to use a filter function  that has Func<GridDataType, Bool>? then we could apply this complex filter without having to repeatedly query the database and apply filters server side. 

For example, if I wanted to filter a column that related to an object that had a property that was a Collection<T> I could check the values of this collection against a filter UI I have made somewhere in the grid or outside of it. Then when the columns filterdescriptior was reviewed it would check my Func which returned True if any of the Rows Collection<T> matched my custom filter UI options.

Example use case that this feature would allow; 

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We have edit dialogs with editable fields on them, and we want to display a confirmation dialog if the user tries to close the edit dialog without saving. Simplified code to illustrate the issue:
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I have a TelerikGrid with Reordarable enabled inside of a TelerikWindow. Reordering of the column works fine only the drop clue is not showing. I think this is because the z-index is incorrect.

Missing drop clue:


z-index of drop clue is 10000:


z-index of window is 10002:

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I have recently downloaded the latest Telerik.UI for blazor 5.0.1 commercial and I tried converting a dotnet 8 project to a telerik project using the context menu but the wizard says it can't be converted.