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Last Updated: 09 Jun 2023 17:51 by Eric
Created by: Eric
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Category: UI for Blazor
Type: Feature Request

I would be much appreciated feature if we could export a pivot grid to excel in the same way that we can export a grid to excel.

Extra Credit:  As an added bonus, if the excel export was actually in an Excel Pivot Table format, that would be awesome.

Pending Review
Last Updated: 07 Jun 2023 15:52 by John

Right now, when calling the ToDataSourceResult extension method on IQueryable object, the DB is queried using the given filters for example from a DataSourceRequest object. However, if I want to apply complex queries based on those filters, this is not possible unless rewriting the existing extension method to return an IQueryable.

Proposal Example API

var dataSourceRequest = new DataSourceRequest();

DataSourceResultWithQuery dataSourceResultWithQuery = query.ToDataSourceResultWithQuery(dataSourceRequest);

public class DataSourceResultWithQuery : DataSourceResult
    public IQueryable query { get; set; }


Is it possible for this to be added as an extension method? I am currently doing this using a custom class that parses the dataSourceRequest class and returning the IQueryable, but it would be nice if this was an included extension method.

Thank you.