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Last Updated: 14 Jun 2024 15:07 by Tim

The Telerik Blazor Telerik Editor Insert Hyperlink functionality is not consistent with other Telerik Editor components and non Telerik Editors. Usually when dealing with Editors and the Insert Hyperlink feature, you can insert a hyperlink without need to select and convert existing text. You can also usually use the ctrl+k keyboard shortcut instead of clicking on the button. This does not work in the Telerik Blazor Editor.

The differences and lack of functionality has been raised as an issue by end users.

Expected Behaviour

  1. Ensure no text is selected. The Insert Hyperlink button should be enabled.
  2. Click the Insert Hyperlink button or press ctrl+k.
  3. Enter values for web address, text, tooltip and "open link in new window".
  4. Click insert. An anchor tag with the given text, link, etc. is created.

This can be reproduced on any of the Kendo UI for jQuery demo pages. It can also be reproduced within the editor on this very form.

Actual Behaviour

  1. Ensure no text is selected. The Insert Hyperlink button is not enabled and cannot be clicked.
  2. You must select existing text to be able to convert it to a hyperlink.

This can be reproduced on any of the demo pages that has the hyperlink button.

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Last Updated: 14 Jun 2024 11:10 by Rami

The ticket fixed a good usability issue with multiselect. Unfortunately, it creates a bug I ran into while starting to update my applications MultiSelects.

If you have PersistFilterOnSelect=true property set, but not AutoClose=false what happens is the user types '2' to filter the selection, selects something with the mouse and the drop down closes, but the filter doesn't clear so when next trying to select an item the old filter is still there, although it's not showing. The only way to clear the ghost filter seems to be to start typing a new thing to filter on and then backspace that which finally removes the ghost.

The docs kind of mention this with "To keep the filter upon selection, set the PersistFilterOnSelect parameter to true. It only applies when Filterable="true" and AutoClose="false"" but the ghost filter staying is clearly a bug. You can test this behaviour with a repl I made. Click the multiselect active, type for.ex. '2' and select an item with the mouse, the item is selected, the dropdown closed and the filter vanishes. Now click the multiselect again, the dropdown is already filtered as if '2' had been pressed, but it's not visible and can't be cleared without typing a new filter

Below is a screenshot where I typed 22 as the filter, selected Item 22 and then clicked the MultiSelect again