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Scheduled for 2.19.0

On initialization of the Grid the oDataString is correct, but when I apply a Filter (through the FilterMenu) or apply a sort to a Grid column the ToODataString extension method throws with null reference exception. If the FilterMode is set to FilterRow or revert back to 2.16.0 everything works as expected. 


This bug extends to the functionality of the FilterMenu as a feature and is not connected only to the ToODataString();


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The Custom Filter Menu in the Grid is not working as I would expect.


I am trying to do two things

  1. Apply filters programmatically through the Grid State
  2. Populate a custom Filter Menu with values that exist in that column

I am doing something very similar to the demo for the custom filter menu:

I have observed that if I set a filter programatically through the grid state, those filters are applied to the grid but are not being passed through the FilterMenuTemplateContext object in the FilterMenuTemplate when I open the Filter Menu for that column.  Therefore, I cannot update my custom filter to show which values are currently being filtered on.

Is it by design that the FilterMenuTemplateContext does not contain Filters applied through the grid state or a bug?

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Created by: Igor
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WPF and Xamarin supports data binding to INotifyCollectionChanged (ObservableCollection) and INotifyPropertyChanged.

This binding scenario is widely used.

So implementation of this feature allows WPF and Xamarin developers use their experience and code base in Blazor.