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Today I submitted ticket Telerik VS 2022 Extensions break IntelliSense/typing in Visual Studio 2022 Version 17.3.4 but it doesn't show on Support Center under 'Your Support Tickets'. The only ticket that shows is from 9 months ago.

BTW, I'm reporting this thicket and previous ticket under UI for Blazor because I didn't see how to report it for the Extensions and for Support Center. Maybe that's another thing you need to look at?

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Scheduled for 3.7.0 (26 Oct 2022)

The Scheduler seems to be showing the previous month in the header.

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I'm using a numeric textbox to handle a decimal value with the Format is set to "#,0" (which it needs to be since the client's specification is to have a whitespace as a decimal separator). While the entered value is less than a thousand then the entire value gets selected when tabbing into the component, but once it's large enough to display a group separator tabbing just puts the cursor at the end of the input without selecting the value.

I believe this to be a bug.

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Scheduled for 3.7.0 (26 Oct 2022)
If a TelerikEditor and TextArea are hosted in a Form and both are bound to the same value, changing the value of the TextArea will not update the value of the Editor. Changing the value of the editor will change the value of the textarea. 
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Scheduled for 3.7.0 (26 Oct 2022)

Hi Telerik Support.

I am using TelerikComboBox with Virtualization and enabled Filtering.  If I filter for a text and then scroll down, the filter text gets cleared. I am using OnRead event to populate the combo box. But the same issue is seen with local data population in the below sample code.

I need to show the user the text they have entered even when they scroll down to the next page. Is there a solution for this? 



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When I add table to Editor, dispose the component and initialize it again with the same content, the table cells appear taller. It looks like an additional <br class="ProseMirror-trailingBreak"> appears in every cell.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add a table
  2. Toggle the Editor
  3. Cells appear taller
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Last Updated: 28 Sep 2022 11:19 by Benjamin

Hi there.

So I've been struggling for the last 2 days with the scheduler having this weird issue where setting it to Today's date set's the Scheduler's date correctly, but the incorrect date is shown in the date picker, with the correct date in the picker's popup. 

I then went to the Scheduler overview screen and noticed the exact same bug there, so I'll be linking that page to show the issue along with an attached screenshot of the issue.

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Type: Bug Report

After upgrading to Telerik Version 3.6.1 my CSS is messed up on my grids, the pagers look like the image below.


Last Updated: 27 Sep 2022 09:46 by Raphael

In a Scheduler with vertical grouping, I am dynamically changing the displayed resources during runtime. It looks like displaying a longer resource name breaks the rendering.

The Scheduler does not recalculate the cell width when changing the resource list.




Possible workarounds:

  1. Force component rerendering when changing the resources list - dispose it and initialize it again using a flag and conditional rendering. Example:

  2. Use CSS to set appropriate min-width to the resource cell, so it is wide enough to fit the longest name of the available resources. Example:
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Category: Installer and VS Extensions
Type: Bug Report

The Upgrade (Project) Wizard crashes on the screen where it askes whether to use a backup.

The "Show me more" link gives this:

The wizard encountered an error while trying to handle user event.

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at Telerik.Blazor.VSX.Wizards.ViewModels.UpgradeProjectWizardOptionsViewModel.GetInitialSelectedDirectory()
   at Telerik.VSX.Wizards.UpgradeProjectWizardOptions`2.GetPropertyValue(String propertyName)
   at Telerik.VSX.WizardEngine.Controls.WizardControlBase.PopulateCollectedValues(IPropertyDataDictionary gatheredData)
   at Telerik.VSX.WizardFramework.Pages.DynamicPageController.GetData()
   at Telerik.WizardFramework.Wizard.GetCurrentPageData()
   at Telerik.WizardFramework.Wizard.OnMoveNext()
   at Telerik.WizardEngine.Helpers.EventHelper.CatchExceptionAndSendReport(Action action)


I cannot continue to the next page. I want to upgrade the existing 3.5 to 3.6

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User types in an input string, but they have to click 'ok' with the mouse to proceed - typing enter does nothing


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Scheduled for 3.7.0 (26 Oct 2022)
Created by: Stefania
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Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report


The left offset style value is not correctly formatted. It is culture-specific, however, the CSS rules should be formatted with culture invariant decimal separator - dot. 

Reproduction (if bug)

1. Create a grid with locked columns. 

2. Set the culture to one that has a comma as the decimal separator.

3. Resize the frozen columns, the left value is formatted with a comma instead of a dot.

Expected (if bug)

The value should be formatted with a dot.

Browser (if bug)

Project type (if bug)

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Release 3.7.0 (26 Oct 2022)

<TelerikScheduler AllowCreate="@Editing" AllowDelete="@Editing" AllowUpdate="@Editing" OnDelete="@AppointmentDelete" OnEdit="@AppointmentEdit" OnUpdate="AppointmentUpdate"  Data=…

The above line breaks only with AllowUpdate.

I default Editing false, then toggle it true in the hosting component and do a InvokeAsync(StateHasChanged). 

The result is I can create and delete, but while the appointment hover cursor changes to the hand or arrows and I can see the handlebars to resize the appointment, I'm not able to update the appointment until I switch the SchedulerView. After switching SchedulerView updating works as expected.

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Title: WCAG 4.1.2: Ensures all ARIA attributes have valid values (input[_bl_2=""])
Tags: Accessibility, WCAG 4.1.2, aria-valid-attr-value

Issue: Ensures all ARIA attributes have valid values (aria-valid-attr-value -

Target application: Hermes Home - https://localhost/TrafficLoss

Element path: input[_bl_2=""]

Snippet: <input tabindex="0" class="k-input-inner" role="spinbutton" aria-valuemin="-1.7976931348623157E+308" aria-valuemax="1.7976931348623157E+308" data-id="fe5748c4-0ddd-455e-ad61-aafc0e0367fb" _bl_2="">

How to fix: 
Fix all of the following:
  Invalid ARIA attribute values: aria-valuemin="-1.7976931348623157E+308", aria-valuemax="1.7976931348623157E+308"

Environment: Microsoft Edge version 105.0.1343.42


This accessibility issue was found using Accessibility Insights for Web 2.34.1 (axe-core 4.4.1), a tool that helps find and fix accessibility issues. Get more information & download this tool at
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as you can see in the provided example :

i have set a filter for column Country on OnStateInitHandler event. However when  i try to clear the filter from the filtermenutemplate button , Check box has the previous value. But data are bound correctly.

Could you give me some advice?

Last Updated: 23 Sep 2022 15:09 by ADMIN

The filter list item menu defined as follows do not have accessible name.  Please provide work around or fix that I can implement.

                            <TelerikGrid Data="@ViewModel.RouterAndDataLossInformation" TItem="TrafficLossSummary"
                                                        Height = "100%">

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Release 3.6.1 (26 Sep 2022)

To reproduce:

  • Use the Local Data code snippet
  • Open the popup
  • Scroll down
  • Close the popup
  • Open the popup again
  • Blank space will be rendered above the visible items.
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Release 3.6.1 (26 Sep 2022)

This is kind of hard to explain, so please see the attached Before and After videos.  In these videos, I'm using a brand new .NET 6 console app.

In the Before video, the Telerik UI for Blazor extension is disabled.  After I type `Console` and hit the period, I see intellisense like I expect to.

In the After video, the extension is enabled.  I'm typing the same thing and hitting period, but something interrupts the period keystroke, and it never appears.  Instead, it just closes the intellisense window.

I used a new console app as an example, but it's happening in all projects.  It's also happening with other keys like semicolons, spaces, and tabs.  It's causing a huge amount of typos and making so I often have to hit keystrokes twice in order for them to register.

I tried doing a full reinstall of Visual Studio.  Everything's fine until I install the Telerik extension, then it starts.  If I disable the extension, the issue goes away.

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Release 3.6.1 (26 Sep 2022)
Created by: Huy
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Category: TreeList
Type: Bug Report


The scenario is:

  1. Some filters are applied in OnStateInit
  2. The user clears the filters from the Clear button in the filter menu.
  3. The user opens the filter menu again and the checkboxes and textboxes look like the filters are still applied.

Test page:

This is a regression that occurred in version 3.2.0.

All of the above applies to the Grid component as well.

Last Updated: 21 Sep 2022 14:22 by ADMIN

Below issue was submitted 6 days ago. Currently developers are disabling/uninstalling Telerik extensions. I don't see any relies from Telerik so submitting another bug report hoping you'll reply to this one.

Please fix it!!!

Telerik UI for Blazor 3.6.0 breaks intellisense/typing in Visual Studio 2022 Version 17.3.4

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