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Scheduled for 3.0.0
I need to execute certain logic only for the particular tile that resized, and at the moment the OnResized event fires for any tile that gets resized. Ideally, a Tag or some similar Parameter on the individual tiles can be set and I could receive it in the OnResized handler to know which tile to target.
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Release 2.30.0

I want to dynamically change the TileLayout Reorderable parameter but the component does not react to that change. Dynamic change in the Resizable parameter is also not applied.

I am also trying to change the TileLayoutItem ColSpan dynamically - for example, when implementing it in a responsive layout ( but using a variable as the ColSpan value does nothing. The TileLayout does not react to a change in the ColSpan parameter either.

It would be nice if the TelerikTileLayout could be told to refresh itself or to refresh after some of its parameters is changed.

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When using my own buttons in the header template, and I have Reorderable=true, the tile layout consumes mouse events and clicks on my buttons don't always work. I would like to have the tile layout provide command buttons that can work in this scenario that let me handle their clicks reliably.

The functionality I am after is closing an minimizing tiles, so built-in actions for that like with the window would be nice. Perhaps tile items could get a Visible parameter like the grid columns and that could also go in their state.

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Created by: Brian
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I want to change the Reordable and Resizable parameters at runtime. However, when updating the reorder/resize parameters, the component is re-rendered, enabling the cursors for resize and drag/drop but no functionality.
Need More Info
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Created by: Ian
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Here is the scenario I would like to implement:

User has a default dashboard, with Customise functionality which would:

  • Allow the user to move and resize items (same as now)
  • Add / remove item, adding using a drag and drop function from a set of tile types, for example exposed in a TelerikList component. Removing an item with a "delete" button or similar.
  • Customise tiles, for example a time period on a chart.
  • Save the state of the dashboard.

For loading and saving the dashboard with each tile having a specific content the easiest way I can see would be to bind the TelerikTileLayout to a data source:

<TelerikTileLayout Data="@TileData">



The data would be updated as and when the user configures their dashboard. 

For dragging and dropping new tiles a set of events would be necessary, both on the source tile list, e.g. OnDragBegin and on the tile layout OnDrop.

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Created by: Jörg
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I would like to use a Visible parameter for the TileLayoutItem
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Release 2.26.0
Using moblie Safari iOS or Chrome Android.
Goto demo page
Try to change tile's order or size.
Nothings happened.
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When in a div with display:flex, I cannot resize the tiles to the right as I expect to - they stop resizing before I reach the end of the tile layout.



Here is a sample you can use to observe the issue - try resizing the tiles and change the size of the layout offset. For cleanest results do this in a blank app that has absolutely no other styles (so no other layout is in play).

A short gif is attached at the end of this post that shows the problem.

<TelerikNumericTextBox @bind-Value="@width" Step="20" Min="0" Max="800"></TelerikNumericTextBox>
    int width { get; set; } = 200;
<div style="display:flex; flex-direction: row;">
    <div style="width: @(width)px; background: yellow;">
        some content on the left. When this is here, resizing tiles cannot use the full width of the tile layout
        - it stops short with the offset by this element due to the flex layout.
        Change the width of this element to see the effect - as you increase you will stop being
        able to resize 1column tiles at all. If you decrease, eventually you will be.
    <div style="position: relative; display: block;"> @* THE WORKAROUND - REMOVE TO SEE THE PROBLEM *@
        <TelerikTileLayout ColumnWidth="200px"
                <TileLayoutItem HeaderText="Panel 1">
                    <Content>Regular sized first panel.</Content>
                <TileLayoutItem HeaderText="Panel 2">
                    <Content>You can put components in the tiles too.</Content>
                <TileLayoutItem HeaderText="Panel 3" RowSpan="3">
                    <Content>This tile is three rows tall.</Content>
                <TileLayoutItem HeaderText="Panel 4" RowSpan="2" ColSpan="2">
                    <Content>This tile is two rows tall and two columns wide</Content>


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Release 2.21.0
Created by: Marcel
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I would like to be able to change the state of the component in the OnResize and OnReorder event handlers
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I am using the TileLayout and inside the content of the TileLayoutItem I have a TelerikChart with its height parameter is set to 100%. When I resize the Tile vertically the chart does not pre-render accordingly despite using the Refresh method of its reference.