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Reproduceable example:

In my use case, I have custom components that wrap each of the telerik date controls (date picker, time picker, etc). They each expose a SelectedDate/SelectedTime/etc. bindable property. The SelectedDate is populated when the telerik control in my component (like TelerikDatePicker) fires OnChange. I use this instead of ValueChanged to avoid too many UI updates while the user selects a value in the UI, such as when typing. The OnChange event fires when the date input loses focus, but if the date input didn't have focus when the clear button is clicked, it never loses foucs and never fires OnChange. Let me know if this isn't intended to be supported and I should just be using ValueChanged instead, but to me OnChange would imply it would fire in all cases when the value can also change through ValueChanged, just less often.

Steps to reproduce (I used a TelerikDatePicker in the code above but I could reproduce this locally with date time picker and time picker - it's related to the underlying DateInput):

  • Enter a date into the date picker, either through typing or using the calendar popup
  • Cause the date picker to lose focus by clicking away
  • Click the clear button
  • Notice that the date is cleared from the UI control, but it doesn't call OnChange, so the date on the page never updates

When I discovered this locally, clicking the clear button would not clear the date visually from the date input as well as not updating the actual date variable. In the REPL, I was not able to replicate this - the date clears visually in the UI.

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Created by: Michal
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Category: UI for Blazor
Type: Bug Report


starting with version 6.0, dialogs used together with loading indicator are at wrong z-index order.

- None of hotfixes with "delay" helped.

- users are stucked and cant confirm anything

How to replicate

Click on "Show Confirm with loading indicator". Loading animation should be at BACK of confirm dialog(as at older versions, prior 6.0)


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See below repl

The first dropdown is populated correctly, it is not in a FormItem or Template

The second one, populated in the same way but inside a FormItem context does not show the data, it only redraws and shows data when entering another control i.e. the other working dropdown.

This was previously working when the application was using .net 6 and Telerik 3.6.1
It has since been updated to .net 8 and Telerik 5.1.1

What is the correct way to populate this?
Can you provide more information?


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Currently using Telerik.DataSource.QueryableExtensions.CreateDataSourceResult() results in queryable.Count() + queryable.Skip(...).Take(...). done seperatelly. EF Core specific tests are already present it seems, based on decompiled code, I can see: "if (!sort.Any() && queryable.Provider.IsEntityFrameworkProvider())". 

Request: Add support for other ORM's that are more capable than EF Core. In case of pagination, window-function could be used to save from extra count query. A short sample bellow:

var dbResults = await queryable
	.Select(x => new {
		Item = x,
		TotalCount = Sql.Ext.Count().Over().ToValue()
	.Skip(() => offset)
	.Take(() => limit)

var count = dbResults.FirstOrDefault()?.TotalCount ?? 0;
var items = dbResults.Select(x => x.Item);

Read more about Window functions: 

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 it seems that grid.GetState() and FilterDescriptors, contains +1 "dummy" object.

- If it is by design, ok, BUT then, how to bind this filter descriptor to the ie TelerikFilter? = It displays that dummy object as it is, and confusing end users. Or how to "identify 100%" that is some kind of dummy value to be trashed?

How to reproduce:

1 run the repl demo

2 put "a" into the first colum(Name) filter

3 click button and observe the content of filter descriptors(serialized below the grid - RED is wrong, Green is expected as ok)

similar, but not the same(iam came from here):


Thanks for the tip, clarification, or removing that redundant values.

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Created by: Scott
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Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request

On grids with a lot of data there is a delay between when the grid is assigned the data to when the grid shows the data.  During this UI painting period, the NoDataTemplate is displayed for a second or two.

The grid should not show the NoDataTemplate unless the data source is loaded with an empty collection, not just while it is still trying to show the data.

Note: Having a generic message like in the documentation "No Data available / The data is still loading ..." is not satisfying our users. (Blazor Grid - No Data Template - Telerik UI for Blazor) These should really be two different states that can show different messages.


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Horizontal scrolling in the grid works when its width is set to a fixed value (px, rem, etc.). But the h scroll disappear when a percentage is assigned to the width of the grid.

This seems to be a known 'feature' to Telerik:*78gyue*_ga*MzUzNTU3NTM0LjE2ODU2MTc3Njk.*_ga_9JSNBCSF54*MTcxMjIyMTAxNS44My4xLjE3MTIyMjExMzQuOS4wLjA.*_gcl_au*MTA3OTA1NzUyOS4xNzEwNTE1Njgy&_ga=2.263164300.1038437897.1712221016-353557534.1685617769

A sensible behaviour is to have the horizontal scrolling enabled and at the same time being able to set the grid to percentage width.

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Created by: Kacper
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Category: UI for Blazor
Type: Bug Report

I have a little problem with changing the LoadGroupsOnDemand value. Depending on the data in my grid, I set this value to true or false. When updating grid data requires changing the LoadGroupsOnDemand value, I can't do it this way:

LoadGroupsOnDemand = true;
GridData = result;

This code throws me an exception.
I need to do something like this to make it work:

LoadGroupsOnDemand = true;
GridRef.LoadGroupsOnDemand = LoadGroupsOnDemand;
GridData = result;

This is the code that is executed in onclick. After OnRead is executed, the exception is thrown.

Let me know if you need more information.

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Created by: Kristjan
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Category: AutoComplete
Type: Feature Request

When trying to use autocomplete, it falls short of what I would like to have. I presumed this to be on feature parity with MudBlazor offerings.

What I used before with mudautocomplete: label, value, style, reset value on empty text, coerce text, to string func, search func, required, required error, value changed, virtualize, max items. The way I use autocomplete box, is that user searches against a list of hundreds of thousands of elements, component querys against method, get's filtered reply that is displayed. When chosen, it binds the guid value, not the string. User also cannot submit their own option, only one from provided list. 

Telerik autocomplete box does not provide those features, what other workarounds are there besides running with Mudblazor for time being?

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When using single selection mode, a row can be selected either by clicking the checkbox or by clicking on the rest of the row. There is no difference at all. Now, let's say I have a grid with multiple selection mode enabled, e.g.:

<TelerikGrid Data="listOfFoos" SelectionMode="GridSelectionMode.Multiple">
        <GridCheckboxColumn SelectAll="true" SelectAllMode="GridSelectAllMode.All"  />
        <GridColumn Field="@nameof(Foo.Name)" Title="Name" />

public class Foo { public string Name { get; set; } }

public List<Foo> listOfFoos = [ new Foo{Name="First"}, new Foo{Name="Second"}, new Foo{Name="Third"} ];

When we click an unselected row, the behavior varies depending on where we click exactly:

  • if we click on the checkbox of the unselected row, the unselected row becomes selected. Previously selected rows are still selected. Everything is fine.
  • if we click on the unselected row but not on the checkbox (e.g. on another column), the unselected row becomes selected but previously selected rows are unselected.

This notably makes multiple selection impossible if we click on the row but not on the checkbox and gives the impression we are using single selection mode. It is especially strange if we consider the existence of the CheckBoxOnlySelection parameter of <GridCheckboxColumn> whose name suggests we can select using the rest of the row by default.

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Created by: Wei
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Category: Tooltip
Type: Feature Request

How can I set the tooltip to show/hide programmatically? right not it only supports hover or click show action.



You can Follow a way to hide the tooltip programmatically here:

You can find a way to hack the show event by triggering a JS click in this KB article:

Here is an example that shows how you can trigger the tooltip to show for a particular target:

@inject IJSRuntime _js

<script suppress-error="BL9992">
    function triggerTooltip(index, selector, showOnClick) {
        var targets = document.querySelectorAll(selector);
        if (targets && targets.length >= index) {
            var desiredTarget = targets[index];//feel free to get the desired target in any other way
            setTimeout(function () {
                var evt = document.createEvent('MouseEvent');
                var evtToSimulate = showOnClick ? "click" : "mouseenter";
                evt.initEvent(evtToSimulate, true, false);
            }, 20);

<TelerikButton OnClick="@( async () => await TriggerTooltip(0) )">Trigger tooltip for the first target</TelerikButton>
<TelerikButton OnClick="@( async () => await TriggerTooltip(1) )">Trigger tooltip for the SECOND target</TelerikButton>

<TelerikTooltip TargetSelector="@ttipTargetSelector" ShowOn="@ShowOnSetting">

<p id="my-targets">
    <strong title="what is 'lorem ipsum'?">lorem</strong>
    ipsum dolor
    <strong title="is this a real word?">sit</strong>

    string ttipTargetSelector = "p#my-targets [title]";
    TooltipShowEvent ShowOnSetting { get; set; } = TooltipShowEvent.Click;
    async Task TriggerTooltip(int targetIndex)
        await _js.InvokeVoidAsync("triggerTooltip", 
                ShowOnSetting == TooltipShowEvent.Click ? true : false


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Created by: Paolo
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Category: UI for Blazor
Type: Feature Request


Could be very useful to scrolling tha grid to a specific item\row (in Normal Grd and also in Virtual Grid mode, both)  programmatically. Whithout javascript.

For example after loading a grid that show 20 items, programmatically is it possible to go (and display in grid) not the first 20 rows but for example at row 100. So the vertical scrolling bar muso go dow sice arriving and show that row.


Best Regards

Paolo Leonesi

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Created by: Fabien
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Category: UI for Blazor
Type: Bug Report


I find input adornments very useful. However I noticed that when I click them, the control doesn't get the focus. E.g., with this code:

            First name

Clicking on First name doesn't do anything. I would expect the control to be focused when I do that.

You will find an image in attachment showing a green area that, when clicked, brings focus on the textbox. Input adornment is in dark gray. I'm using it as a label for the control but even if it was simply an icon, it would be strange to not be able to focus on the control when clicking it.

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Created by: Lennert
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Category: UI for Blazor
Type: Feature Request

The OnRowClick event of the TelerikGrid is only triggered when clicking the row with the left mouse button as discussed on the following forum post:

Please add support to the OnRowClick event to trigger it for a middle mouse button click (and pass the mouse button clicked in the eventargs) or add a separate OnRowClick event that is triggered on middle mouse button click.


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Created by: Joe
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Category: TimePicker
Type: Bug Report
The up/down arrows going up/down works great, but when you are typing the time in directly, it has issues. It seems that if I type the time for hours 2-12, it works exactly as I'd expect. If I type 215, it yields 2:15, if I type 1130, it yields 11:30. But if I type 130, it yields 3:00.
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Created by: Mark
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Category: Charts
Type: Feature Request

I would like to be able to stack series on a range chart. Currently the best hack recommended by Telerik is to show two charts on top of one another, with no interactivity or legends,

Source: Is it possible to 'stack' series in a Range Column Chart? in UI for Blazor | Telerik Forums


Thank you

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Created by: Alain
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Category: Wizard
Type: Feature Request


I have a page (a billing page) that has a wizard on it, the wizard contains multiple steps, and each step contains a custom component. Each component has a validation mechanism. When I open an invoice, I want to provide the user with a message to let them know if the invoice can be processed. To do this, I need to invoke the validation mechanism of all the steps, which is not possible without opening them all to have an existing instance.




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When I paste a table from Word or Excel in the Editor, some of the formatting is lost. The Kendo React Editor supports most of the formatting and I would like to see the same behavior for Blazor. 

Last Updated: 15 Dec 2023 09:14 by ADMIN


It would be VERY helpful if you integrated "Prevent the Grid from wrapping text in multiple lines and show ellipsis" into grid as an option (so we would not have to write separate code and style).

I think this is one of the most needed features since grids almost always have data that wraps line.

BR, Smiljan

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Looking through the examples I can't find one with SelectionMode="GridSelectionMode.Multiple" and using a RowTemplate.

ADMIN EDIT: This is not a bug in the component, an example of how this can be implemented by the app is available in the comments.

I'm not sure what I should be binding my checkbox to so it accurately reflects selection state.

From the RowTemplate Example adding SelectionMode:

<TelerikGrid Data=@GridData


SelectionMode="GridSelectionMode.Multiple" Height="@Height">

<RowTemplate Context="product">  @*Trying to inspect what is generated in the examples I came up with this, but not sure what to bind to checked*@

<td role="gridcell" colspan=0 data-col-index="0">
                        <input class="k-checkbox k-grid-checkbox telerik-blazor" type="checkbox" />

<td> <img class="rounded-circle" src="@($"images/{product.ProductId}.jpg")" alt="Alternate Text" /> @product.ProductName </td> <td> @(String.Format("{0:C2}", product.UnitPrice)) </td> </RowTemplate> <GridColumns> <GridColumn Field=@nameof(Product.ProductName) Title="Product Name" /> <GridColumn Field=@nameof(Product.UnitPrice) Title="Unit Price" /> </GridColumns> </TelerikGrid>

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