Last Updated: 13 Mar 2023 23:47 by William
Currently, when the Animation Container is hidden, its content is lost. The content area is detached from the DOM and re-initialized when the component is shown again.
Last Updated: 07 Jul 2022 08:43 by Brian
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I use an AnimationContainer to create a notification popup. It animates on the way in, pauses for a few seconds, and then animates back out. If I navigate to another page during the delay, it looks like .HideAsync() still gets called and it causes an error.

Error: System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object.
Object name: 'DotNetObjectReference`1'.

Here is a test page. The yellow code causes the issue. The green code is the workaround.

@implements IDisposable

<TelerikButton OnClick="@ToggleContainer">Toggle Animation Container</TelerikButton>

<NavLink href="/">Go to Home page</NavLink>

<TelerikAnimationContainer @ref="AnimContainer" Top="50px" Left="50px" Width="250px" Height="150px"
                           AnimationType="AnimationType.ZoomOut" Class="k-popup">

@code {
    TelerikAnimationContainer AnimContainer { get; set; }

    async Task ToggleContainer()
        await AnimContainer.ShowAsync();

        await Task.Delay(3000);

        //if (AnimContainer != null)
            await AnimContainer.HideAsync();

    void IDisposable.Dispose()
        AnimContainer = null;

Last Updated: 01 Feb 2022 09:16 by ADMIN
Release 3.0.1
The TimePicker Class is applied also to the popup, while the PopupClass seems to be ignored altogether.
Last Updated: 12 Nov 2021 14:20 by ADMIN
Release 2.30.0
This makes it hard to distinguish from the rest of the page/grid
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Release 2.0.0
Created by: Michael
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Category: AnimationContainer
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When you want to update parameters from many places, it may be more convenient to set them by calling a function that will implement the necessary logic.

Using this for the AnimationContainer's Height parameter does not work, however.

A sample is attached below.