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Release 4.5.0 (08/30/2023) (R3 PI2)
Created by: René
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Category: TextArea
Type: Feature Request

There should be a counter displayed like this

"n:m" With n = currentNumberOfCharacters and m = allowedNumberOfCharacters.

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Release 4.4.0 (07/19/2023) (R3 PI1)

First, let me thank you for adding the Width in the latest update (2.21). Much appreciated!


We need a fixed height for our text areas to encourage user-interaction and ease the UX for the end user. Having (now a wide), but very narrow description field is not ideal and since it's basically a feature of HTML5, I don't see why it be exempt from Blazor UI.

<TelerikTextArea Rows="10" Width="100%" />




Need More Info
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Created by: Pingu
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Category: TextArea
Type: Feature Request
Textarea size is currently not easily controllable when using TelerikTextArea. My request for the size attribute was declined, as it was mentioned that rows and cols could be used with text areas - but TelerikTextArea doesn't expose these and I believe they should be easy to add support for, to pass through to the rendered textarea.
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  <TelerikTextArea Enabled="false" @bind-Value="@VBO.BidScopeDescription" Width="100%"></TelerikTextArea>


I need the area to be read only , so I set enable to be false, but, I need the user to be able to scroll the text area, to read everything.


How should I do this?





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Created by: Van
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Category: TextArea
Type: Feature Request

I would like to remove the resize handle and not let users change the size of the textarea.



A solution in the meantime can be done with CSS:

    .no-resize.k-textarea > .k-input {
        resize: none;

<TelerikTextArea @bind-Value="@taVal" Class="no-resize"></TelerikTextArea>

    string taVal { get; set; } = "lorem\nipsum";


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Release 2.21.0
Created by: René
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Category: TextArea
Type: Feature Request
We need to be able to change the width of the TextArea component.
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I would like to be able to show or hide a character counter like in this demo by using a boolean parameter. 


Currently, this could be achieved as shown in this demo or from this example from the documentation:

<label for="myCustomTextAreaId">My Telerik TextArea</label>
<TelerikTextArea @bind-Value="@TextAreaValue"
                 PlaceHolder="Enter some Information"

<div class="k-counter-container">

@code {
    public string TextAreaValue { get; set; } = String.Empty;