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Created by: Jo-Anne
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Is it possible to customize the top html of the Blazor DatePicker Calendar? On the top left, I would prefer 2 rows of 6 small boxes for the user to click on one selecting the month, and on the right a left arrow, then a year textbox defaulting to the current year, then a right arrow with the arrows incrementing.
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Created by: Uluç
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In the Calendar documentation, it says that we can selected multiple dates either by holding Shift to select a range or holding control to select multiple individual dates.


Expected behavior (Windows & Mac):

* Shift - Range Select

* Control - Individual Multiple Selection


Result (Windows):

* Shift -

* Control -

Result (Mac):

* Shift -

* Control -


On Mac holding control and selecting a date toggles a right-click (displays options menu), I cannot seem to be able to select more than one date with holding control down.

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The calendar viewshows one row too much if the month only has 5 weeks. Please check the attached screenshots.


Steps to reproduce this behaviour:

Just use a regular calendar control and check a month that has 5 weeks only.

E.g. December 2019 if a culture with a week start of Sunday is selected or November 2019 if a culture with a week start of Monday is selected.

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Created by: Duane
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Basically want to do the same thing as on the following two demo pages:


Kendo UI already has this feature:



DevExpress UI for Blazor already has this feature:



Checked the documents but this doesn't seem supported yet, is that the case / is this something we could get implemented if so?


Many thanks,

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I'm finding it hard to follow what month is what when using multi month views. It would be better if the month appeared above each month view. Where can I put a feature request in for this?