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Created by: Enrico
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Category: LinearGauge
Type: Feature Request

Good morning,

we are using LinearGauge in our Blazor WASM app and we noticed a very unexpected behaviour: every time the input value change the indicator restarts from 0 (or from min value). This can be simply view also from your live demos.

In our case it is very bad because there is a continuous value update that we need to show it linearly, for example think a very precise temperature sensor, rpm sensor, etc....

We didn't find anything in our docs to achieve that but we think that is a very necessary implementation and it needs to work also with StateHasChanged() because it isn't always possible to have component reference to call methods. 

So we are asking for a component that cache the old value and move to the new one starting from the old one.

Thank you

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Created by: Christopher
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Category: LinearGauge
Type: Feature Request
I want to be able to increase the size of the scale range. Please expose an option to control that, similar to https://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/api/javascript/dataviz/ui/lineargauge/configuration/scale.rangesize#scalerangesize.