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Currently the TabStrip solution for dynamic tabs is very inefficient, any change to the collection of Tabs (add/remove) would trigger the render of all tabs, even the ones that were already loaded, in scenarios where the Tab content contains complex components with nested components at different levels this is a pain, not only to load components but to load necessary information related to the component. It would be a breeze if we could reuse a component instance instead of creating a new one or only re-render (maybe with ShouldRender) the new added Tab.
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I have created a REPL here: https://blazorrepl.telerik.com/QHYGbTPk59IqOcEU51

to reproduce the issue I am talking about:

  1. click on the cell
  2. Press the 'Delete' Key
  3. Press the 'Enter' Key

you will notice that the value displayed below the table is what was previously in the cell

I would have expected the value to be null which can be achieved via

  1. click on the cell
  2. Press the 'Delete' Key
  3. Click outside the cell
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I would like to use a target selector that has some special symbols such as ! and @. Currently, the querySelectorAll() does not accept the !sample-class as a valid selector, but the getElementsByClassName accepts it. 
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Created by: Brent
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Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request

I'm trying to use the FilterMenu with the CheckBoxListFilter, and it seems like it's sooo close to what I want, if it only had an option for FieldText and FeildValue or something like that. Any way I can get this working to use the ID field as the value and the Name as the text? The highlighted section below is what I would envision it working perfectly as.

<GridColumn Field="@nameof(WorkActivity.WorkGroupId)" Title="Work Group" Width="135px">
            <FilterMenuTemplate Context="context">
                <TelerikCheckBoxListFilter Data="@WorkGroups"
                                           Field="@(nameof(WorkGroup.Name))" FieldValue="@(nameof(WorkGroup.Id))" 
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Created by: Stewart
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Category: Form
Type: Bug Report


I came across some unusual behaviour

I wanted to hide the default form submit button so I could put it elsewhere on the page but once I had an empty FormButton element on the page I was unable to print any more


a solution to my problem was to put an empty span in the element


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Last Updated: 18 May 2022 16:30 by Avrohom Yisroel
Created by: Victor
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Category: UI for Blazor
Type: Feature Request

Hi, It is possible to have a component that enables the use of the camera and to be able to scan barcodes or QR (1D  & 2D), for Blazor Web assembly and Blazor Server Side. Now this require JavaScript library like as QuaggaJS.

I think that having such a component is very useful and will allow you to build applications with advanced functionalities, other companies offer but only to generate barcodes or QR codes.

Example thanks aLorsSilvermort : https://github.com/LorsSilvermort/BlazorBarcodeReader


Best Rgards,

Victor Antelo

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Created by: Adam
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Category: Map
Type: Feature Request
We are using the Map UI Component, where we are allowing a user to enter two points onto the map. Using the map component, is there a way to find a route between these two points as well as find out the distance of that route?