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Antonio Vidal
Created on: 21 Jul 2022 15:57
Category: UI for Blazor
Type: Feature Request
WYSIWYG designer for Blazor like Web Form Designer in VS
By searching the web and searching, which company would fit best, I also found vendors that provide or will provide a WYSIWYG Designer for Blazor, like the Web Form Designer in Visual Studio, what I think is a really must feature, because the writing of a complex layout uses a lot of time.
Dou you plan something similar in the future? 
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Nadezhda Tacheva
Posted on: 28 Jul 2022 12:04

Hi Antonio,

We currently have an open request for a design tool like Radzen Design Time. We've marked it with a "Need More Info" label since we'd like to gather feedback from the community on the exact expectations for such a tool and the scenarios it will be used in. For example, would you expect a desktop application or some extension similar to the project wizards that we provide for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code? I have marked the current thread as a duplicate to the initially opened one, so we can keep the discussion focused in one post. Please feel free to share any relevant feedback there.

In addition, you might also be interested in the Code Snippets and Scaffolders we support for Visual Studio Code. They are expected to be available for Visual Studio as well in September. Would that suffice your desired scenario for the time being?

Nadezhda Tacheva
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