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Created on: 09 Dec 2020 14:18
Category: Tooltip
Type: Feature Request
Delay when showing and hiding the Tooltip
Is there any way to delay the showing of the tooltip when showing on hover?

I want it to only show the tooltip tip if I hover over an item for more than some time period (i.e. 3 seconds)
Posted on: 10 Jul 2023 06:29

Hello Twain,

I confirm that the feature request statuses correctly reflect the actual development and plannin state. In other words, "Unplanned" means that the feature request is valid, but we haven't scheduled it for implementation yet, due to tasks with higher priority. On the other hand, this request is also popular, so it is possible to make it to our short-term plans in the near future.

If popup interaction is important for you and ShowOn Click is not desired, then perhaps you can consider other options - for example, show a small popup window on hover, or use a dedicated area on the page for the clickable content. Optionally, you can hide the Window titlebar with CSS, so that it looks more like a tooltip.

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As of R2 2023, the default icon type will be SVG instead of Font. See this blogpost for more information.
Posted on: 03 Jul 2023 18:23
Any news about this request? 
This functionality would be useful in order to not immediately close the tooltip and thus be able to interact with the tooltip content (for example, a link or button). Currently, when OnShow = Hover, the tooltip closes instantly and does not allow any interaction with its content.
Nadezhda Tacheva
Posted on: 04 Oct 2021 10:02


I tweaked the title a bit to also cover the scenario for setting delay when the Tooltip is hidden. We've recently received another feature request for exposing ShowDelay and AutoCloseDelay properties in the Tooltip which I marked as a duplicate to the current one.

Nadezhda Tacheva
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Posted on: 07 Mar 2021 04:17

^^ Yes.

So ShowDelay and HideDelay properties (similar to animation container).