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Created on: 10 Nov 2020 16:26
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Show/Hide ToolTip Programatically

How can I set the tooltip to show/hide programmatically? right not it only supports hover or click show action.



You can Follow a way to hide the tooltip programmatically here: https://feedback.telerik.com/blazor/1476364-close-tooltip-via-method.

You can find a way to hack the show event by triggering a JS click in this KB article: https://docs.telerik.com/blazor-ui/knowledge-base/common-validation-error-in-tooltip.

Here is an example that shows how you can trigger the tooltip to show for a particular target:

@inject IJSRuntime _js

<script suppress-error="BL9992">
    function triggerTooltip(index, selector, showOnClick) {
        var targets = document.querySelectorAll(selector);
        if (targets && targets.length >= index) {
            var desiredTarget = targets[index];//feel free to get the desired target in any other way
            setTimeout(function () {
                var evt = document.createEvent('MouseEvent');
                var evtToSimulate = showOnClick ? "click" : "mouseenter";
                evt.initEvent(evtToSimulate, true, false);
            }, 20);

<TelerikButton OnClick="@( async () => await TriggerTooltip(0) )">Trigger tooltip for the first target</TelerikButton>
<TelerikButton OnClick="@( async () => await TriggerTooltip(1) )">Trigger tooltip for the SECOND target</TelerikButton>

<TelerikTooltip TargetSelector="@ttipTargetSelector" ShowOn="@ShowOnSetting">

<p id="my-targets">
    <strong title="what is 'lorem ipsum'?">lorem</strong>
    ipsum dolor
    <strong title="is this a real word?">sit</strong>

    string ttipTargetSelector = "p#my-targets [title]";
    TooltipShowEvent ShowOnSetting { get; set; } = TooltipShowEvent.Click;
    async Task TriggerTooltip(int targetIndex)
        await _js.InvokeVoidAsync("triggerTooltip", 
                ShowOnSetting == TooltipShowEvent.Click ? true : false


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Marin Bratanov
Posted on: 03 Feb 2021 20:46

Hi all,

I have posted a workaround for triggering the tooltip with your own code in the opener post.

@Richard - What you need is actually going to be implemented through this feature: https://feedback.telerik.com/blazor/1460642-the-tooltip-should-be-able-to-re-evaluate-targets-tooltip-not-working-for-elements-not-present-at-first-rendering. I've added your Vote for it on your behalf to raise its priority, and you can click the Follow button to get status update emails.


Marin Bratanov
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Posted on: 01 Feb 2021 23:51

Showing or refreshing the tool tip programmatically is required if this component is going to be useful.

For example, when an element that should show a tooltip is part of a grid/list, when that component refreshes, we need to tell the component that shows the tool tip to refresh.