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Created on: 24 Oct 2020 13:46
Category: TimePicker
Type: Feature Request
How do I calibrate the TimePicker to 5 minute increments.
The TimePicker is too precise for 99% of the events that are scheduled.  Our users are requesting that we find a way to make the spinner less precise, say 5 minute increments.  If they need an exact minute they will just type in the value and not use the picker.  As of now they are saying that they will not use the spinner as it they can easily pick the wrong time.
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Marin Bratanov
Posted on: 25 Oct 2020 16:05

Hi Mark,

You can Follow the implementation of such a feature in the original request here: https://feedback.telerik.com/blazor/1451572-time-intervals-larger-than-second. I am now marking this as a duplicate to keep the portal tidy. I see that you've also added your Vote to the original one to raise its priority and you can also click the Follow button to get email status updates.


Marin Bratanov
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