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Release 2.26.0
Created on: 16 Mar 2020 10:53
Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
Zero Records Message (NoDataTemplate)
I would like to display a message where rows would be displayed in grid, when there are no records returned from the data source. Basically, a message with graphics and hyperlink that direct the user to a page to enter a new record.
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Svetoslav Dimitrov
Posted on: 16 Mar 2020 11:15

Hello Kelly ,

As a workaround I would suggest you use if / else statement where you render the grid only if there is information to be displayed like shown in the code snippet below:


@if(MyGridData == null)
    //Loading animation or any custom component (e.g. CreateNewItem)
    <TelerikGrid />


You can also see these Feature Requests on our Feedback Portal. They are not directly connected to what you have encountered, but will further enrich the functionality you described:


Svetoslav Dimitrov
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