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Created on: 19 Nov 2019 08:41
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Type: Feature Request
Show / Hide series on legend click


I would like to be able to show / hide a serie by clicking to a legend.

Is there a way to do it actually ?

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Marin Bratanov
Posted on: 19 Nov 2019 09:15

Hi Gilles,

This feature is not available yet in the charts. I moved this to the feedback portal where you can Follow it: https://feedback.telerik.com/blazor/1442813-show-hide-series-on-legend-click.

If it doesn't become available before click events become available, maybe they would let you do it (depending on what exactly gets implemented, it's too early to say right now): https://feedback.telerik.com/blazor/1412010-i-need-a-click-event-on-a-chart-element-such-as-a-specific-bar-in-a-bar-chart-or-a-slice-in-a-pie-chart.


Marin Bratanov
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