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I would like to customize the appearance of the Chart markers. For example, in a Scatter Chart, I want to set different markers than the ones supported in the ChartSeriesMarkersType enum.
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The Telerik Blazor Telerik Editor Insert Hyperlink functionality is not consistent with other Telerik Editor components and non Telerik Editors. Usually when dealing with Editors and the Insert Hyperlink feature, you can insert a hyperlink without need to select and convert existing text. You can also usually use the ctrl+k keyboard shortcut instead of clicking on the button. This does not work in the Telerik Blazor Editor.

The differences and lack of functionality has been raised as an issue by end users.

Expected Behaviour

  1. Ensure no text is selected. The Insert Hyperlink button should be enabled.
  2. Click the Insert Hyperlink button or press ctrl+k.
  3. Enter values for web address, text, tooltip and "open link in new window".
  4. Click insert. An anchor tag with the given text, link, etc. is created.

This can be reproduced on any of the Kendo UI for jQuery demo pages. It can also be reproduced within the editor on this very form.

Actual Behaviour

  1. Ensure no text is selected. The Insert Hyperlink button is not enabled and cannot be clicked.
  2. You must select existing text to be able to convert it to a hyperlink.

This can be reproduced on any of the demo pages that has the hyperlink button.

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Last Updated: 14 Jun 2024 11:10 by Rami

The https://feedback.telerik.com/blazor/1517344-filter-text-is-cleared-when-you-select-an-item ticket fixed a good usability issue with multiselect. Unfortunately, it creates a bug I ran into while starting to update my applications MultiSelects.

If you have PersistFilterOnSelect=true property set, but not AutoClose=false what happens is the user types '2' to filter the selection, selects something with the mouse and the drop down closes, but the filter doesn't clear so when next trying to select an item the old filter is still there, although it's not showing. The only way to clear the ghost filter seems to be to start typing a new thing to filter on and then backspace that which finally removes the ghost.

The docs kind of mention this with "To keep the filter upon selection, set the PersistFilterOnSelect parameter to true. It only applies when Filterable="true" and AutoClose="false"" but the ghost filter staying is clearly a bug. You can test this behaviour with a repl I made. Click the multiselect active, type for.ex. '2' and select an item with the mouse, the item is selected, the dropdown closed and the filter vanishes. Now click the multiselect again, the dropdown is already filtered as if '2' had been pressed, but it's not visible and can't be cleared without typing a new filter

Below is a screenshot where I typed 22 as the filter, selected Item 22 and then clicked the MultiSelect again

Last Updated: 14 Jun 2024 06:58 by Nazim
Currently, changing the DateTime format is possible for all other types of FilterMenus. However, the FilterEditorFormat parameter does not affect the dates in a FilterMenu of type CheckBoxList.
Last Updated: 14 Jun 2024 06:35 by Anastasia
Release 5.0.0 (15 Nov 2023) (R1 PI1)

I have a ComboBox/DropDownList that gets data from a remote service, using virtualization. When the PageSize property is big enough (in my case 20), I have issues scrolling up the selection box dropdown list. I'm trying to scroll but then resets to the currently selected item making it almost impossible to scroll up. You can use your own demo examples to replicate this issue.

To reproduce the issue, try the ComboBox - Virtualization, in Telerik REPL (Demo), change the PageSize from 10 to 20. Open the dropdown and select an item. Then, open again the dropdown and scroll slowly up.

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Release 2024 Q3 (Aug)
Created by: Matthijs
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Category: DropDownList
Type: Bug Report

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the Edit in Telerik REPL link from the demo page for DropDownList - Grouping.
  2. Add Filterable="true" to TelerikDropDownList.
  3. Run.
  4. Open the dropdown.
  5. Type in for instance the last item of the list "Röd Kaviar", that belongs to the category "Seafood".

Expected: the group name should change to "Seafood".

Actual: the group name is still "Beverages".

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Created by: Andreas
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Category: ContextMenu
Type: Bug Report

If I add a target element after initialization, the ContextMenu cannot be opened for it. It seems like the ContextMenu cannot work with dynamic targets.

Reproduction: https://blazorrepl.telerik.com/wyaKvxaM02UinTjJ35.




A possible workaround is to dispose and recreate the ContextMenu after adding the new element during runtime: https://blazorrepl.telerik.com/coaUvdYs153SKyiQ29.

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Release 2024 Q3 (Aug)

I have a Grid using checkbox selection and when I un-check a row, the SelectedItemsChanged event is not firing. I'm using an async handler.

The problem appears to happen when a row is selected and then un-selected. The event is firing when it is selected but is not firing when it is un-selected.

<TelerikGrid Data="strategicLevelItems" SelectedItems="selectedStrategic" Width="100%" Height="500px"
                                 ScrollMode="GridScrollMode.Scrollable" SelectionMode="GridSelectionMode.Multiple"
                                 SelectedItemsChanged="@((IEnumerable<GetNavigationNodesModel> strategicItems) => OnStrategicSelectAsync(strategicItems))"
                            <GridCheckboxColumn SelectAll="true" Width="40px" OnCellRender="@GridHelpers.CenterAlign" />
                            <GridColumn Field="@(nameof(GetNavigationNodesModel.Name))" />

    private async Task OnStrategicSelectAsync(IEnumerable<GetNavigationNodesModel> selectedItems)
        selectedStrategic = selectedItems;

        var state = tacticalGrid.GetState();

        var compositeFilter = new CompositeFilterDescriptor() { LogicalOperator = FilterCompositionLogicalOperator.Or };
        foreach (var item in selectedItems)
            compositeFilter.FilterDescriptors.Add(new FilterDescriptor()
                Member = "ParentId",
                Operator = FilterOperator.IsEqualTo,
                Value = item.Id


        await tacticalGrid.SetState(state);

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Created by: Juan Angel
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Category: Charts
Type: Feature Request

This functionality would be very useful for data analysis.

Moving the cursors within the chart itself, allows to define a range within the series, being able to offer useful data.



Cursors - Multisim Live            Cursors - Multisim Live

Last Updated: 12 Jun 2024 11:29 by ADMIN
Release 2.18.0

Please add an attribute to Blazor GridColumn which allows to easily format data with the default .NET standard formats

e.g. <GridColumn Field="@(nameof(Item.Price))" Title="Price" Format="0#.##" />

It's a little bit annoying always having to define a template for this purpose.


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Release 2024 Q3 (Aug)

Reproduceable example: https://blazorrepl.telerik.com/QSEganvg12BVw2ZU37

Steps to reproduce:

  • Add a TelerikGrid to the page - most properties on the grid do not matter for this issue
  • Implement the OnStateInit event
  • Define the GridAggregates render fragment within the TelerikGrid, but leave it empty - do not put any components inside it
  • When the page initializes, note that OnStateInit is never fired

If you remove the GridAggregates emtpy render fragment, or put at least one GridAggregate component in it, OnStateInit fires like expected.

In my project, I've created a component that wraps around the TelerikGrid that I use on all my pages, so that I can have many properties and functions set to reasonable defaults for my use case. My component has an option to conditionally include GridAggregate components within the inner TelerikGrid's GridAggregates render fragment based on separate configuration. If no separate configuration is provided, no GridAggregate components are included, and the GridAggregates render fragment is left blank. Since my component is built in razor markup, there isn't a great option for nulling out that render fragment if it's empty. I had no problems with this exact same code in UI for Blazor version 5.1, and I hope this can be fixed.

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Created by: Nicholas
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Category: RadioGroup
Type: Bug Report
The RadioGroup's FocusAsync() method does not work. To reproduce, run this example and press the button: https://docs.telerik.com/blazor-ui/components/radiogroup/overview#radiogroup-reference-and-methods
Last Updated: 12 Jun 2024 10:28 by Jennifer

The Grid will cancel the insertion of a new item when:

  • the new item is not saved yet
  • the new item is expanded and its DetailTemplate is visible
  • the user changes the value of a column that has an editor template

Blazor REPL test page


In the meantime, a possible workaround is to hide the expand button for items, which are not added to the "permanent" Grid data yet. Here is how to do it with CSS:

.k-grid-add-row .k-hierarchy-cell .k-icon {
    display: none;
Last Updated: 12 Jun 2024 10:09 by Roy
Created by: Roy
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Category: Spreadsheet
Type: Feature Request

Please add support for protected worksheets and protected workbooks.

Last Updated: 12 Jun 2024 07:06 by ADMIN
Created by: Terrence
Comments: 1
Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
Hi Telerik,

We would like to request for a future improvement, to be able to drag when there is already 1 entry in the Grid. As of now we are able to make a workaround for an empty Grid using the following link: Blazor Grid Row Drag and Drop - Telerik UI for Blazor

We are able to use <NoDataTemplate> and added a padding for it. However, we are unable to do a workaround if there's already 1 entry. See attached "gif".

Thank you.


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Created by: Jesper
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Category: UI for Blazor
Type: Bug Report
I am using MS Playwright to create End2End tests. It worked fine when we used MudBlazor, but after we migrated to telerik I have run into a problem with the TelerikDropDownList.

It stops working if you open it too fast. It goes into a state where no matter what you do (Rebind/changing data bound values etc.), it will not open and show items.

It can be reproduced easily by calling .Open() in OnInitializedAsync()

I have reproduced it without MS Playwright in REPL, so you can easily debug it.


If you uncomment the await Task.Delay(3000); the code will work.

Expected behavior:
It is ok that Open() does nothing while the control is initializing. It is not ok that just because you called Open() once, then you are forever stuck without being able to open it later, no matter how long you wait or what you do with the items.

I do not want to insert random Delays in my code either as I expect the TelerikDropDownList to not malfunction just because I open it too early.

I hope you can prioritize this as right now the DropDownList is not usable for us.
Last Updated: 11 Jun 2024 13:32 by Brian
Release 2024 Q3 (Aug)
According to the Rendering Changes in 6.0.0 article, "k-level-0" CSS class should be added to the "li.k-drawer-item" element. This class, however, is never added.
Last Updated: 11 Jun 2024 12:01 by ADMIN
Scheduled for 2024 Q3 (Aug)

The issue is reproducible when the `AllowCustom` parameter is set to `true`.
Typing rapidly in the input field of the MultiColumnComboBox component causes the entered text to blink. Also, some of the inserted symbols are cleared.

Reproduction (if bug)

Open this demo: https://demos.telerik.com/blazor-ui/multicolumncombobox/custom-values

Try to input text rapidly into the input field.

Last Updated: 11 Jun 2024 10:55 by Randeep
Created by: Randeep
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Category: TreeView
Type: Feature Request

I want to use a separate drag-and-drop mode in the TreeView similar to how the Drag column works for the rows in the Grid component. 

The main reason I am unable to use the current drag-and-drop behavior is that I cannot use an input component as part of the TreeView node.

Last Updated: 11 Jun 2024 09:16 by ADMIN

When using the grouped DropDownList and performing a search for a specific element, the DropDownList incorrectly displays the initially shown group instead of the group containing the searched element.

To reproduce the issue: 

1. Open this REPL example: https://blazorrepl.telerik.com/QROrkouK40PFQCUU27
2. Open the DropDownList and type "v" in the filter input field.
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