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Release 5.1.0 (31 Jan 2024) (R1 2024)
Created on: 29 Sep 2023 16:15
Category: UI for Blazor
Type: Bug Report
VERY slow running Blazor Applications without this change!!!

So, brand new machine (Win 11 pro 64bit), brand new install of Visual Studio & Telerik, use the Telerik templates to create a new Blazor Server project.

When I run the application (with changes or first run), it takes almost a minute to start the application.

Without changes it starts in 2 seconds.

The fix is to add the following to the application's csproj file.


After the fix, it takes an just a little longer to run than without changes.  Since I have not heard back on my support ticket, I wanted to report this as a bug so hopefully it can get upvoted and we can get an answer to this issue. 

Original support ticket 

My Setup:

7950x, 32 gb DDR5 ram, WD Black SSD 850x SSD and slower internet 150mbit/s

Similar problem with my new laptop which is about 50% slower but exactly the same issue.



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Posted on: 29 Sep 2023 16:36

Video of my experience, created a default telerik blazor application using the template and selected CRUD, Form, Chart.

In the video I first re-run the project without changes, then made a small change and ran it again (slow), then ran it for a 3rd time (fast)

This was before we figured out how to fix the problem, as shown above.