Last Updated: 18 Apr 2024 17:44 by Nicholas
Created on: 15 Jun 2023 09:45
Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report
Aggregates are not displayed in the GroupFooterTemplate when returning a DataEnvelope with the GroupedData in the OnRead event
I modified this sample app: https://github.com/telerik/blazor-ui/tree/master/grid/datasourcerequest-on-server/WebApiFromServerApp.

I am trying to add aggregation to the grouping and display them in the group footers. I am successfully returning the aggregated values but they are not displayed in the GroupFooterTemplate.
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Posted on: 18 Apr 2024 17:44

I suggest modifying Telerik.DataSource.DataSourceResult so that:


1) It's composed of only POCOs.

2) Data = IList<T> instead of a bare IEnumerable.

3) A separate strongly typed member IList<GroupingResults> for grouping and aggregate results.

  1. Key = IDictionary<string, object>
  2. Value = Object
  3. AggregateResults = IDictionary<string, object>.  where string is Sum, Min, Max, etc.


This will make it much easier to solve the aggregate problem and make things much simpler for end users while at the same time allowing for easier custom implementations of processing a data set.