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Created on: 23 Dec 2022 05:46
Category: UI for Blazor
Type: Feature Request
Image Thumbnail Viewer Component

The Image Thumbnail Viewer Component should have features like:

  • Face detection-based image cropping
  • Overlay an image over detected faces [To hide faces]
  • Blur or pixelate faces
  • Thumbnail masking within different shapes like:
    • Circle
    • Square
    • Rectangle
    • Hexagon
    • Star etc.
  • Content Aware Padding of images to fix the container size
  • Set transparent background
  • Text overlay
  • Image watermark overlays
  • Recolor a picture
  • Antic Effect

This Thumbnail Viewer can then be used within Data Grid, File Manager/Explorer, Card View, Drop down lists, List Views, Tiles etc.

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Nadezhda Tacheva
Posted on: 30 Dec 2022 14:29

Hello Kasim,

Based on the additional details you provided, a more suitable component may be the Avatar that we will release in UI for Blazor 4.0. Such a component is typically used to display images, icons or initials representing people or other entities.

It will allow additional appearance settings such as ThemeColor, Roundness, Border an more. The Avatar will allow you to set its type to image and when this is specified, dedicated styles will be applied so the image is correctly sized and positioned inside the component.

For the time being, you can revise how such a component looks in some of our other suites - for example, Avatar in UI for Angular.

The Avatar, however, will not include all of the features you listed. This is a relatively simple component whose purpose is to display the provided images (or the other types of content) rather than processing or modifying them. Thus, features like blurring faces, adding watermark overlays or recoloring a picture are not really applicable to this component. You can, however, alter the picture as needed and then pass it to the Avatar to display it.

Please revise and let me know if you consider the Avatar a good option to cover your desired scenario.

Nadezhda Tacheva
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Posted on: 26 Dec 2022 03:36

Hi Admin,

How can be an Image Editor be same as Image Thumbnail Viewer?

Let me ask the same question is another way,

How can we use the Image Editor to display Image Face Thumbnail in a circle mask within Blazor Grid cell from the image source with full body?