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Created on: 20 Oct 2022 14:31
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Hierarchy for ComboBox

We are needing a way to display a hierarchy inside the ComboBox.  I don't see any examples on this particular feature, I had found a similar request, but not identical.

Our use case:

We have administrators that manage multiple tenants within our system.  The tenants are part of a hierarchy, the user needs to be able to select a tenant or tenant parent.

I will use hotels as an example:

-Chain 1

--Brand 1

---Property 1

---Property 2

--Brand 2

---Property 3

Our current system that we are migrating controls from has this feature, so I would like to stick as close to this functionality as possible, however; if it is not an option, what control would you suggest as an alternative.

See example (sorry for the redactions)

The core concept is providing a user a choice as part of a form, but layout needs to be organized so that a user can easily navigate.  Top level names are unique, all other names can duplicate since they may share similar naming conventions across different organizations.

An option that may work as an alternative, is invoking a dialog popup and within it having a tree list of the information I need.  I think it could work, but it would certainly break the flow of the form.

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Posted on: 20 Oct 2022 15:09