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Created on: 11 Oct 2022 11:34
Category: DateRangePicker
Type: Feature Request
Review DateRangePicker selection UX


The DateRangePicker has a few behavior specifics that may not be convenient or intuitive for all users:

  • When a new StartDate is set, the component clears the EndDate.
  • Depending on the current month view and selection, the user may not be sure if they are about to select a new StartDate or EndDate. For example, if a StartDate is already selected, and the user selects another earlier date, this will become the new StartDate, but the previous StartDate will be cleared, instead of becoming the EndDate.
Hristian Stefanov
Posted on: 14 Dec 2023 09:42

Hi Peter,

Thank you for showing your interest in the feature and sharing your expectations.

I can assure you that the feedback will reach our development team.

I confirm that every feedback is helpful for us to understand the customers needs when implementing a given feature.

Hristian Stefanov
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Posted on: 08 Dec 2023 12:30
Ideal world, this component would allow using NodaTime (LocalDate, ...) values in addition to DateTime.  
Posted on: 08 Dec 2023 12:28
If the date range expands beyond a single month, the initial display of this control shouldn't put the max date in the left side leaving the right side unusable.  
Posted on: 11 Oct 2022 12:02

And also, the selection of one of the date (start or end date) will imply that suscribers will be alerted though the 2 dates aren't selected.