Last Updated: 21 Jun 2022 16:45 by Adam
Created on: 21 Jun 2022 16:45
Category: ComboBox
Type: Bug Report
Cascading filterable ComboBox does not display its value when typing to select

I have a ComboBox that allows me to select different entities that I want to edit data for.  Some of this data involves selecting other options from ComboBoxes.  When I type in my cascading filterable ComboBox to select an item, its value changes accordingly, but when I change the entity I'm editing, that ComboBox doesn't display the selected value, even though there is a selected value present.

Reproduction: https://blazorrepl.telerik.com/GGYgmlFA45guzWlg06.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Run the snippet - selected Person is Adam
  2. Start typing "Green" in the Fav Colour ComboBox
  3. Press Enter to select it
  4. Change the Person to John
  5. Fav Colour appears empty while it should display "Yellow"