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Created on: 12 Apr 2022 14:26
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Resetting DropDownList


With an item selected, I want to reset the drop down list to the state it has when the page loads, i.e. populated with nothing selected.
Setting the backing filed to zero does not work. I have read Clear the selection, I know it works if you have a default text,
I dont't want to have a default text.

As you can see in the repl, there's some more experiments, since I thought I could maybe clear the content and re-populate
the list to reset it.
Setting the data source to null does nothing?!?!
Clearing the data source removes the items in it, but keeps the selected value!?!?

I've seen answers to this question that suggests using CSS to achieve this, but that's just stupid and shouldn't be necessary.

Finally, we have the hack solution, which is totally crazy but seems to work.
I leave it here for others to see, since it seems a lot of people also have this problem.

Please fix this.

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Posted on: 19 Apr 2022 13:29

Hi Robert,

I agree that the DropDownList value should be easier to clear and this should work in more scenarios. Here is a similar bug report that you can follow. It is already in our short-term to-do list.

Out of curiosity, why do you prefer not to use DefaultText? This will improve our understanding of your scenario and usage pattern.

With regard to setting the Data to null - currently some of our components ignore such setups. I assume that otherwise we would need more checks in more places in our source code. Set the Data to an empty collection instead.

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Posted on: 12 Apr 2022 14:31
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