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Release 2024 Q3 (Aug)
Nikolaj Herting
Created on: 30 Nov 2021 15:28
Category: Editor
Type: Feature Request
Allow custom schema in the Editor

Please expose the ability to allow additional HTML attributes in the Editor content.


Provide support for:

  • custom attributes for the Editor elements
  • custom tags
Duplicated Items
Posted on: 27 Mar 2024 16:17
i'm looking for the same thing, something like what's supported in the Kendo version for Angular, but I need it in Blazor.
Posted on: 15 Feb 2023 07:50

ProseMirror editor used by telerik, not only strips down inline elements, but also custom attributes 
(like <div id="carouselExampleIndicators" class="carousel slide" data-bs-ride="true"> gets converted to <div class="carousel slide" id="carouselExampleIndicators"></div>

The same with <i> for fontawesome icons, etc....

A more complete of features editor is ... 
So it is essential at least to keep all tags as they are