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Created on: 09 Nov 2021 14:42
Category: TreeView
Type: Feature Request
Expand TreeViewNode via Code

It would be great to be able to expand nodes dynamically by setting the expand property by code.


protected async Task OnItemClickHandler(TreeViewItemClickEventArgs e)
    var item = e.Item as TreeViewItem;
    item.Expanded = true;

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Marin Bratanov
Posted on: 09 Nov 2021 20:14

Hello Florian,

This would be made available through the following enhancement: https://feedback.telerik.com/blazor/1498147-track-changes-in-properties-when-treeview-is-bound-to-observable-collection. I've added your Vote to it and you can click the Follow button there for status updates.

I must note, however, that there is another change coming - a collection of expanded items, so you may want to Follow, Vote (and/or chime in) here: https://feedback.telerik.com/blazor/1448095-expanded-items-handling-feedback-requested.

Marin Bratanov
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