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Last Updated: 23 Sep 2021 13:36 by Mark Chircop
Scheduled for 2.28.0
Created on: 20 Sep 2021 07:26
Category: Tooltip
Type: Bug Report
Tooltip does not appear when targeting elements with specific attribute within an SVG

Using a target selector for HTML elements with a specific attribute within an SVG does not work

The following snippet worked correctly in 2.26.0 and older versions but does not work in 2.27.0

        <ArcGaugeScale Min="0" Max="100">
        <ArcGaugePointer Color="#FFE162" Value="@FirstPointerValue"></ArcGaugePointer>

<TelerikTooltip TargetSelector="path[stroke='#FFE162']" Position="TooltipPosition.Top" ShowOn="@TooltipShowEvent.Hover" Id="first-pointer">
        <p>Value is: @FirstPointerValue</p>

@code {
    public int FirstPointerValue { get; set; } = 20;

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Mark Chircop
Posted on: 23 Sep 2021 13:36
We're experiencing the same issue I believe.