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Release 4.4.0 (07/19/2023) (R3 PI1)
Created on: 02 Aug 2021 12:29
Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
Allow control over Filter and Clear actions in the FilterMenu
Currently, I have no control over the Filter/Clear actions in the FilterMenu. It will be nice to be able to control them.
Posted on: 02 Jun 2022 16:40
This feature would be really helpful in dealing with the grid limitations when it comes to filtering on templated columns. If you have an ID value tied to multiple column templates, being able to manually clear the values tied to the custom filters would allow the clear button to function properly in those cases.
Posted on: 31 Aug 2021 14:49
This is listed as a feature request but, it is really to fix the filter feature that isn't working.  It's broken and unusable to me.  It would be a nice feature to use.
Posted on: 31 Aug 2021 13:27
  • Adding another attribute to GridStateEventArgs for the event OnStateChange with source/name
  • Change PropertyName on OnStateChange to indicate a clear
  • Make the template FilterMenuTemplate have an option for bool AllowClear
  • Make the template FilterMenuTemplate have an event handler OnClearFilter