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Created on: 28 Jun 2021 07:08
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we are having a hard time to come up with a general application layout (menu/navigation).

We found PanelBar, Menu and Drawer... are there any other controls related to menu & navigation?

A more UX oriented documentation (and not only for the technical components individually) would be nice e.g. like they do it here: Overview | Clarity Design System


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Marin Bratanov
Posted on: 29 Jun 2021 20:06

Hello Steffen,

Our components generally fit the design of the app, and you are free to use them in any way they will fit your needs. Thus, we don't make a "header" component per-se, we let the app define the desired container for that.

What we do is to offer helpers for various tasks, for example:

  • you can have a toolbar or menu inside the header of your app
  • you can use a drawer to generate a sidebar, or put a menu, treeview, panelbar or something else entirely in a sidebar of your design
  • we make a list of the components and the general areas they serve in the docs, in the "component list" section: - you may also want to take a peek at the Layout, not only in Navigation section for this type of tasks
  • we offer a few sample apps in our New project wizard

Marin Bratanov
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