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Created on: 18 Jun 2021 09:59
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The Export feature of the Grid should work with Templated columns
The Export feature of the Grid should work with Templated columns
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Marin Bratanov
Posted on: 19 Jun 2021 16:44

Hello Lee,

I've reviewed this request and the ticket that caused it and what I can say at this point is the following:

  • Templates themselves cannot be exported, this is how the framework operates. There is no facility for that in the framework, and they can also be any arbitrary content so we can't put that in an exported file. This is why we have documented this in the Notes section.
  • The grid already renders the data from the Field of the column, so templated columns can actually participate in the export
  • By following this sample project, you can easily add complex content to tooltips in those cells.

I am also adding here a couple of sample I made for you that showcase the behavior - how templated columns can be exported, and how you can have custom tooltips for them in the web UI.

You can find those samples at the end of my post.

With this in mind, I must mark this as "completed", because the feature is already there, together with the other customization options requested in the original ticket, and there is no facility in the framework that can allow this to be enhanced further.

Nevertheless, there are many improvements planned around the excel export, to name the most relevant ones here so you can click the Vote and Follow buttons for them if you also find them interesting:



Marin Bratanov
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