Last Updated: 31 May 2022 10:53 by ADMIN
Release 3.4.0
Created on: 11 Jun 2021 07:09
Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report
The AutoGeneratedColumns do not render their Class parameter
When I try to add a CSS class to the automatically generated columns with the Class parameter it does not appear in the HTML.
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Posted on: 31 May 2022 10:53

Hi, Jason,

Thank you for the provided feedback.

By design, the visibility of the Class parameter was rather a side effect and it was not intended to apply any changes to the rendering of the auto-generated columns of the grid. Therefore, for the time being, we have decided to exclude this option from the IntelliSense so that it does not mislead other users.

If you have any additional feedback, feel free to share it.

Kind regards,
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