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Created on: 07 Jun 2021 15:24
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Theme/color switching

It would be nice to switch the color schemes used by the telerik Blazor components on-the-fly in an application (i.e. switch from light mode to dark mode). I realize you have a JS approach to this problem, however that requires maintaining multiple stylesheets and custom javascript, which we are trying to avoid in a Blazor project. I like the approach used by MudBlazor where basically all css colors are variables that can be easily switched at runtime without any javascript:

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Posted on: 14 Jun 2021 13:01

Hi Chris,

Providing a theme that is based on css variables is definitely on our radar to provide flexible solution to our customers. It is still on early stage, but you could find some of the ideas in the link below: 

So, I am marking this FR as completed and you could track the progress in the above links.

In the meantime, indeed, we have the following suggestion to our customers for runtime change of themes that involves jsinterop:

In terms of other theme options, you might find useful our themebuilder used for any customization along with predefined the swatches. 

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