Last Updated: 24 Nov 2021 12:17 by ADMIN
Release 2.30.0
Created on: 26 Apr 2021 14:37
Category: TileLayout
Type: Bug Report
TileLayout does not react to changes in the Resizable and Reorderable parameters as well as the TileLayoutItems parameters

I want to dynamically change the TileLayout Reorderable parameter but the component does not react to that change. Dynamic change in the Resizable parameter is also not applied.

I am also trying to change the TileLayoutItem ColSpan dynamically - for example, when implementing it in a responsive layout ( but using a variable as the ColSpan value does nothing. The TileLayout does not react to a change in the ColSpan parameter either.

It would be nice if the TelerikTileLayout could be told to refresh itself or to refresh after some of its parameters is changed.