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Release 3.3.0
Timothy J
Created on: 12 Apr 2021 18:57
Category: NumericTextBox
Type: Feature Request
Allow changing NumericTextBox parameters at runtime

Can NumericTextBox Format Be Updatedat run time?  In other words, if numerictextbox is being used for dimensions and the user changes the preferred dimensional unit from "centimeters" to "inches" can the Format be changed from "0.## cm" to "0.## in" at runtime?

Same applies if I want to dynamically change the Decimals or Step values. Currently it looks like a dynamic change in the NumericTextBox parameters is not possible.



Here is a workaround that re-initializes the component:


<TelerikButton OnClick="@ChangeFormat">Change format</TelerikButton>
<br />
The value is: @theValue
<br />
@if (isVisible) {
<TelerikNumericTextBox Format="@theFormat" Max="5m" Min="-5m" Step="0.33m" @bind-Value="@theValue"></TelerikNumericTextBox>
@code {
    private decimal theValue { get; set; } = 1.234m;
    string theFormat { get; set; } = "0.## cm";

    bool isVisible { get; set; } = true;
    async Task ChangeFormat()
        isVisible = false;
        await Task.Delay(30);
        await InvokeAsync(StateHasChanged);

        // change the format
        theFormat = "0.## in";

        isVisible = true;
        //await InvokeAsync(StateHasChanged);



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Timothy J
Posted on: 12 Apr 2021 20:55
Thanks.  As I feared, that causes a pretty substantial flicker.  I'll just stand down on this for now....