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Created on: 20 Jan 2021 05:06
Category: Tooltip
Type: Bug Report
Telerik and standard tooltip are displayed simultaneously

Hover the mouse several times in a row at element c on the demo stand. OS Windows 10, Browsers: Chrome Version 87.0.4280.141 (Official Build) (64-bit) + Firefox Developer 85.0b9 (64-bit).

Tell me why the component periodically has 2 tooltips? This anomaly is also observed on your demo stand.

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Svetoslav Dimitrov
Posted on: 20 Jan 2021 10:12

Hello Andrew,

A possible reason why this might be happening is a slow SignalR connection. What we do to prevent the default tooltip from showing is to change the title attribute with a data-title attribute to preserve it - we remove the title attribute when the Telerik tooltip shows, and when it hides - we restore it from the data-title attribute where we stored it. If the connection is slower, the default tooltip might show before our operation is complete.

The general reasoning behind the slow SignalR connection is the physical distance between you and the host - in this case, our demos. Could you reproduce the same behavior when using a Telerik UI for Blazor project locally? A possibility is to use the WASM flavor so that the application is single-threaded. 

That being said, I am marking this Bug Report as "Declined" because it generally stems from behavior that we cannot directly control.

Svetoslav Dimitrov
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