Last Updated: 17 Nov 2023 07:06 by Haribabu
Release 2.21.1
Created on: 23 Nov 2020 16:11
Category: Charts
Type: Bug Report
Using Custom Themes Changing at Runtime Does not change the Chart Component Style

Our Site supports multiple themes that we have built using the SASS Theme Builder. For all Telerik Components we have used so far the theme changes on them as expected when using the example found here (Change Theme at Runtime). The problem seems to be the chart component will not adhere to the newly applied theme after its initial load. Seems like this is because it is shown as an SVG with hardcoded attributes on the element. Is there a workaround for this (other than reloading the components entirely)?


Before & After Theme Change:

Posted on: 17 Nov 2023 07:06

i am also facing same issue. using following to switch one theme to another theme and working for all controls except Telerik Chart. 

for telerik chart theme updating when refresh or rerender the chart manually . please advice how to resolve the issue.

my theme update button at mainlayout and chart is there in child component 


Stamo Gochev
Posted on: 30 Nov 2020 06:15

Hello Don,

Changing the chart theme requires additional changes as it is rendered as SVG/canvas and its colors need to be obtained explicitly, which is not the case with other components that rely on HTML/CSS. 

What I can suggest as a workaround is to use a flag that signals whether or not the theme has been changed and initialize the chart again:

@if (themeIsReset) 
	<TelerikChart ...>

Meanwhile, I will log an issue so that the "Refresh" method redraws the chart with the new theme settings.

Stamo Gochev
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