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Created on: 16 Nov 2020 15:27
Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
Allow serializing and deserializing grid aggregates with server grouping

I am using this sample to implement server-side grouping:


Now I need Aggregate sum for the price in the GroupFooterTemplate. When I add aggregates, exceptions are thrown if a group footer uses the aggregate value, if not - the grid simply does not look grouped.



The issue stems from the inability of the System.Text.Json to deserialize interfaces - there are a couple of interfaces in the datasource request and data source result related to aggregates. Preliminary review indicates that perhaps some or all of them might be changed to, for example, Dictionary<string, object> from the current IDictionary<string, object>, or perhaps the framework might "learn" to deserialize interfaces.


Posted on: 27 Oct 2022 09:28

Hi Philip and everyone,

I realize this feature may be important for you, but I admit we are focused on tasks with higher custom demand. Sorry about that.

If this is a showstopper for you, perhaps you can experiment with you own custom (manual) serialization? Another possible option is to calculate aggregates separately and render them in group footer and footer templates.

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Posted on: 21 Oct 2022 03:08
Any update on this? Or any way we can do server-side grouping? For large grids, aggregate performance is very bad client-side - needs to be done server-side.