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Jan Hindrik
Created on: 30 Sep 2020 12:19
Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
Ability to control the collapsed state of nested groups as well

At the moment, the CollapsedGroups  collection in the grid state is the indexes of the root-level groups that you can collapse. I want to also be able to control the expanded state of nested groups.


Ideas I can see are the following, do add your vote and comments on how you expect that to be exposed:

  • a form of Id/field in the group descriptor that controls this. Caveat - groups don't generally have such an id and the descriptor does not control the UI, it controls the data.
  • an event that provides the level, field name and group value that lets me choose this for every group as it renders. Caveat - might not plug in the state, but if you have a certain business logic for that you can just keep it in that event always, regardless of the grid state, or keep additional information in an application state.
  • the current indexes could become recursive (see the image attached below). Caveat: you can't be sure that the next time data loads the data and so the groups will be the same when loading state
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