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BlazoredTypeahead result scrollbar disappears in only in TelerikWindow

Dear team,


we use a BlazoredTypeahead control inside a TelerikWindow and have this problem.


When you open the result dropdown of BlazoredTypeahead and click on the scrollbar in the result dropdown, the result dropdown is closed suddenly.


This only happens when a BlazoredTypeahead control is inside a TelerikWindow. If I remove the Telerik Window everything works as expected.


Attached is a running example, which demonstrates the issue. In the example just click on the "New" button in the grid, this will open the TelerikWindow, which contains the BlazoredTypeahead control.


Thanks for your help.

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Marin Bratanov
Posted on: 02 Jul 2020 19:23

Hello Marvin,

I removed the attached archive because it contains our assemblies, and posting them publicly like this violates our EULA.

That said, I can suggest you consider using the Telerik ComboBox with its OnRead event where you can implement custom filtering, filter length, debouncing and so on: If you need to get an entire model, you can do so in the OnChange event: The Telerik ComboBox also offers templates to customize its appearance:

For your convenience also attaching a modified version of the sample that uses the Telerik ComboBox. The modified files are Index.razor with the combo and Shared.FormExample for the form model.

As for the BlazoredTypeahead - my best guess is that since the Window renders at the root of the <app>, its handlers bubble up to unexpected DOM elements and thus trigger its closing.


Marin Bratanov
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