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Release 2.6.0
Created on: 30 Sep 2019 10:55
Category: DropDownList
Type: Feature Request
DefaultItem is split into DefaultValue and DefaultText - breaking change
The idea is that the hint text (like "choose a product from the dropdown") and the default value the component will have, should be independent of the model it is bound to. This simplifies providing such a value and better supports view-model scenarios where the validation happens in the view-model and the actual model may not even be able to take the same values, because it relies on app logic to protect it.

The most obvious example is a required field - it must be nullable so required validation works, but the actual model may have to be non-nullable.
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Marin Bratanov
Posted on: 30 Sep 2019 10:58

This is going to be a breaking change in the DropDownList component, and it is likely to be used as a concept in future dropdown components (like multiselect, combobox). If you have comments on this, add them now so we can keep them in mind when creating the new components.


Marin Bratanov
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