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Release 2024 Q2 (May)
Created on: 31 Jan 2024 15:56
Category: ListBox
Type: Bug Report
If the selected item(s) are not in the view and one of them is focused, pressing Shift or Ctrl scrolls to the focused selected item
The behavior is reproducible if you have selected item(s) at the beginning of the list and one of them is focused. In this case, if you scroll down, so the selected item is out of view, pressing `Shift` or `Ctrl` scrolls to the focused selected item at the top preventing you from clicking on the last item.

The same issue can be reproduced in reverse - if you select an item at the bottom and scroll to the top so the selection is not in the view. In this case, pressing `Shift` or `Ctrl` will force scroll down to the focused selected item.

The issue is reproducible in both selection modes.