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Release 5.1.0 (31 Jan 2024) (R1 2024)
Created on: 23 Nov 2023 07:33
Category: TreeList
Type: Bug Report
[Regression] DestinationComponentId in TreeListRowDropEventArgs is always empty after update to 5.0.0
I am using the Drag'N'Drop functionality of the Blazor TreeList and since the update to version 5.0.0 I cannot determine the destination component anymore, because the event argument parameter "DestinationComponentId" is always empty. I have assigned the ID of my TreeList components and everything worked well with version 4.6.0.

It does not matter whether I drag Items around within the same component or try to move them to another TreeList. The parameter is also empty when I try to drag items from a Grid to a TreeList.