Last Updated: 19 Jun 2023 10:51 by ADMIN
Release 4.4.0 (07/19/2023) (R3 PI1)
Created on: 12 Jun 2023 07:21
Category: Checkbox
Type: Bug Report
Error: Assertion failed - heap is currently locked

I am getting a console error (not a crash) when I have a checkbox like this:

                    <TelerikCheckBox Enabled="@(!CheckBoxValueProperty)"

The console error is:

blazor.webassembly.js:1  Uncaught (in promise) Error: Assertion failed - heap is currently locked
    at tt (blazor.webassembly.js:1:45154)
    at Object.beginInvokeDotNetFromJS (blazor.webassembly.js:1:42007)
    at b (blazor.webassembly.js:1:1995)
    at N.invokeMethodAsync (blazor.webassembly.js:1:3845)
    at $W.invokeMethodAsync (telerik-blazor.js:50:1037174)
    at HTMLInputElement.<anonymous> (telerik-blazor.js:50:2198768)
    at se.applyAttribute (blazor.webassembly.js:1:24602)
    at se.applyEdits (blazor.webassembly.js:1:21459)
    at se.updateComponent (blazor.webassembly.js:1:20461)
    at blazor.webassembly.js:1:57076

The checkbox works properly and disables itself when it is checked with a precondition of CheckBoxValueProperty = false.

It would be good though, if this simple method of having the checkbox disable itself with the same property value, would not throw the console error.