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Last Updated: 04 Oct 2022 11:31 by ADMIN
Created on: 27 Sep 2022 13:26
Category: UI for Blazor
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version 3.6.1 breaks my css

After upgrading to Telerik Version 3.6.1 my CSS is messed up on my grids, the pagers look like the image below.


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Hristian Stefanov
Posted on: 04 Oct 2022 11:31

Hi Shawn,

There were some rendering changes in our latest releases. In "3.6", the class responsible for the layout styling of the pager was updated (from ".k-pager-wrap", now it's ".k-pager").

You can try resolving this by updating the theme.

If you are using a CDN to reference the theme, update the link. Make sure the theme version is always compatible with the UI for Blazor package. The easiest way to check that is from our release notes. Their first "Common" section lists the theme versions compatible with the specific UI for Blazor package.

Additionally, if you have custom CSS styles on the page, these changes may have affected them. Make sure that the custom CSS styles are still targeting the correct element.

If non of the above help, please send us a small runnable sample that reproduces the issue. Such a sample will allow me to see the problem firsthand and investigate further.

I would be glad to keep me updated on how things turned out.

Thank you.

Hristian Stefanov
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