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Created on: 25 Aug 2021 15:46
Category: Charts
Type: Bug Report
Chart line covers other line

I have a line chart I am using to plot two related series of data. When these two series have the same values, or very similar values, the series that is second in the render order completely covers up the first line. This makes it look like the first line isn't being rendered, and makes it impossible to access the tooltips for the first series. I need a way to disambiguate overlapping data.


Thank you

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Marin Bratanov
Posted on: 28 Aug 2021 10:00

Hi Annabel,

If you have charts that have many series that will cause overlapping labels, there is no sure-fire way to avoid that for all cases. If there are so many labels (data points, series) that they start interfering with each other, they would be hard to read anyway, so the suggestion I can make is to:

With that in mind, I have to mark this bug report as "declined" because it is not a true problem in the component behavior.

Marin Bratanov
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