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Created on: 04 Jun 2021 14:12
Category: Scheduler
Type: Feature Request
Differentiate "edit current occurrence" and "edit the series" in the RecurrenceDialog

I have a scheduler, and am using a custom Edit handler. I need to support recurrence, and editing recurring events. When the use double-clicks on a recurring event, there is a dialog that asks whether they would like to edit the occurrence or the entire series.

I want to be able to capture the results of this dialog. `SchedulerEditEventArgs` doesn't include any attributes that track this.





The implementation of this enhancement could be covered by either including the corresponding attributes in the SchedulerEditEventArgs or by exposing a Template for the RecurrenceDialog.

Note: You may also check the Ability to directly edit an occurence or the series, without the prompt asking you to choose feature request as the implementation of both features will most likely be covered in one release.