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Release 2.25.0
Created on: 17 Mar 2021 07:32
Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
OnNeedModel event to fire before OnEdit, before item insertion and before filtering where I can provide my own model instance

I want to be able to use interfaces and models that are created from a service when working with the grid. A parameterless constructor is not enough for me, I need to be able to instantiate models in a more complex manner.



The tentative event name I have put in the title might vary when the implementation is researched. The goal would still be the same - the grid to provide an event when it needs an instance of the model so you can provide it with one. At the moment this happens when a row enters edit mode, when the filter list needs to be built, and when you are inserting an item (a caveat with the last one might be the OnClick event for the command button - the new event might have to fire before OnClick so it can give you the model).