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Created on: 31 Jan 2021 23:00
Category: ContextMenu
Type: Feature Request
Allow context menu to be used without a data source

Please allow the context menu to be used without a data source and run using templates only.

That way we can use this control to provide a popup of items that we can control, and don't have to set it up with sometime of blank list of items that are never used.

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Nadezhda Tacheva
Posted on: 02 Feb 2021 09:23

Hi Richard,

Since the component itself, as per its structure, requires a data source to be provided to its Data parameter, this behavior can be achieved by providing an empty list of object as a data source.

To better illustrate how to do that, I've created this knowledge base article for ContextMenu without data source.

Nadezhda Tacheva
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